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The wine-growing-community of the lower Moselle is an often-visited tourism-place. Old, partially Romance stone - and timbering-houses, just as a beautiful late-Gothic church gives the town a lovely site. Obove the town we have the old castle-ruin Coraidelstein, the fairy-tale-forest and a game-park with a children's playground. Klotten, probably Celtic origin, was mentioned 698 for the first time authentically.
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In the second half of the 10. century the palatinate-count Hermann I. built the castle Coraidelstein. Between 1040 and 1047, the Poland-queen Richeza, a granddauter of Emperor Ottos III., lived in the castle-walls. The castle changed the owner innumerable times by the centuries. Middle of the 17. century the castle came into the possession of the counts of Kesselstatt. 1830 it was determined from the French to the demolition and was sold. 1923 a Düsseldorfer Industrielle bought up the ruin. Also the first reservation of the Moselle begins in Klotten. It is about an erosion-valley of the Dortebach, in which you still find long ago extinct plant-societies. 1990, the antique timbering-house was lovely restored in its original condition and is since then one of the most comfortable cafes at the beautiful Moselle!